COVID-19 Prevention Policy

CBTI LOGISTICS, LLC; & Our Suppliers, Logistics Personnel & Partners.

To our Consumers: Updated as of 4 May 2021:

We’re a fully operational International Online Retailer, We assure you that everything we showcase is sanitized before packaging, during each phase of shipment & final mile of Consumer.  We regularly check & monitor our suppliers & International WHO(World Health Organization) for updates in regions we access Supplies from.  We also work within the guidelines of the, Local, State, Federal Health Agencies & we’re minimizing our efforts to a zero state.  No transmission of the virus of said suppliers will be allowed; We want to assure you in every manner of our decision based on factual information gathered from responsible & legal Government Agencies.

We’re 100% online, all of our products is at the warehouses of the manufacturers; When you place an order we contact the Suppliers & it’s mailed within a few days.  With the international shipping delays We apologize in advance, however your experience to shop safely is our first priority.  If you’re unsatisfied with your order you have 45 days from receipt of delivery.

We monitor our suppliers & have asked them to give us any reports they have of any infectious contamination of any sort; we report as today’s date no report follows: With that being said Customs delays are imminent; Until further notice the Ports of Authority Officers are taking extra actions to ensure no exposure of contamination is present.

This report will be updated as more information is readily available.  If you have further questions you can reach us by Email